We discuss and analyze the ACTUAL situation of your company or project in order to prepare ourselves in the best possible way. You tell us your wishes and requirements and we look at how we can combine this. Of course, a well-founded analysis is also part of a requirements analysis. By precisely defining your business goals, we can optimally adjust the further course of action.

  • 1
    Defining requirements

    You describe your ACTUAL situation to us and together we record your requirements.

  • 2
    Technical conception

    With the help of a requirements specification, your requirements are recorded in writing.

  • 3
    Evaluation of manufacturers

    We analyze manufacturers that are suitable for your requirements.

  • 4
    Market overview and vendor survey

    Vendors are surveyed and present themselves in seminars.

  • 5
    Final quote comparison

    Finally, we compare the vendors' quotes to find the best system for you.